Saturday, 21 May 2016

The real likeness of Jesus? I like his long hair though.

Do you wake up early in the morning and pray to this image?

Or do you turn your TV on at 3 o'clock in the afternoon to pray to this image?

We all know that Jesus/Yeshua is of middle eastern descent. He definitely would not have looked like the images above. These images depict of a man of , European lineage. To tell you the truth, this image is indeed of an European man - Spanish to be exact. Who is he?

According some sources, this man is Cesare Borgia. Son of Pope Alexander VI. One of the most corrupt popes of the catholic church in history. There is even a series depicting his story.


Here is a pic off some of the websites online.

Below is a picture file of a man from the Middle East:

As you can see, the skin tone is darker, and so is the facial hair. They have stronger facial features as well. Anybody wanting an image of Jesus should have an image similar to this one.

There is even an image of Jesus being put forward by researchers. Here it is:

Here's the video:

If the images of a white man, or make that European, posing as Jesus isn't really Jesus of Nazareth? What does it mean if you kneel, pray, and pay homage to it?

Its simple. They pray to a god who happens to be Cesare Borgia - the illegitimate son of Pope Alexander VI.