Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Interesting phrase from trinitarians, that 'Jesus was the PROTOTYPE human.'

|Quoting from the verse below:

Colossians 2:9

'For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.'

See! I told you! Jesus is God!

But wait a minute. Don't they teach that Jesus is both God and Human, what does that mean? What do they say about Jesus' Humanity?

Let the trinitarians answer this question. Right from their own mouths.

Did you read that bit? Again, let's focus on this underlined passage. Read below:

'We ought to think of Jesus as the prototype human being, not Adam.'

Was the author speaking about Adam, the individual we all know in the book of Genesis, or was he speaking in the 'Spirit' meaning, the spirit in him is revealing itself through its speech?

What does that mean? That the author KNEW what the word Adam meant when he wrote this sentence.

What do you mean by [he was speaking in the 'Spirit'?] about the author of that website?


But what does Adam mean in scriptures? Is it really a first name of a person like we nowadays think it is? the likes of Richard, Eric, William? Let's see what this Hebrew word Adam really means.

Adam in Hebrew means - Human in English, in fact, it even says in the scriptures that Adam is Flesh (Genesis 6:3). Now where does this PROTOHUMAN come into the picture? 

Going back to the article published by a trinitarian website where we read a bit of it implying that Jesus is NOT Adam/Flesh. What are they really saying? If we take into consideration what we have above, ISA version of Genesis 1:27 and Authorised Version of the bible, the spirit that was in the author of website on image capture/screenshot...

...is simply saying that Jesus is - NOT a Human being AS DEFINED by God himself in the scriptures.

What does that mean? It means - God lied.

But who would dare say that?

So be careful people. Do not just accept any teaching, examine their words, for if they are of the Evil One, there will be a blip, even a keyhole where one can look and see the kind of spirit directing these people's speech.