Sunday, 22 May 2016

Occult and Sexual symbols of the Vatican - the Babylonian Religion ressurected.

The babylonian religion with its pantheon of gods El, Baal, Ishtar and the likes are long gone. Or so we like to think. But what about the symbols below?

The eight pointed star is the star of Baal.

Baal was God the Son, the son of El, who according to ancient scriptures of Ur, if im not mistaken is God the Father of the ancient pagan religion. This symbol should have been banished a long long time ago when Christianity took root and finally stamped pagan religions in the near east and later on in the western world.

Unfortunately, it has not been banished. In fact, we see it in full display.

Here it is. On full display in the Vatican. How interesting, how very very interesting.

What does it mean? Why is this symbol being displayed here? And have you noticed the Obelisk at the centre of Baal's eight pointed star?

Where did this obelisk come from?

The Egyptian obelisk which is now located at St. Peter's Square is often called Vatican Obelisk. It is not known which Pharaoh has constructed it, but it is assumed that it was erected at Heliopolis around 2500 BC. Around 30 BC the obelisk was moved to Alexandria by Emperor Augustus and erected at the Julian Forum.

Why is there an Egyptian obelisk erected at St. Peter's Square ...

From Egypt of course, one of the oldest sources of Pagan worship.

But what is an Obelisk really?

Obelisk means Baal's shaft, or Baal's organ of Reproduction. To put it bluntly. 
It represents Baal's Penis.

Now why would Baal's penis be in the middle of this Eight pointed Star?

So you see? These symbols are present, subliminally it represent an obscene act
Nobody would ever have thought that something like that would ever be present in 
a religion that claims to be the True Christian Church.

What else can you see if you look at the Vatican from an aerial vantage point?

Do you see it? Its a female reproductive organ - The Womb. Sexual act blatantly
displayed. Typical of ancient pagan religions where sex is part of their
acts of worship.

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